The Red Ring of Death

The single phrase that strikes fear into the heart of any Xbox 360¬†owner, “The Red Ring of Death”, and it struck on Friday evening! There I was, sat playing Call of Duty 4 when without warning the screen turned to solid green. I’ve not had any problems with my Xbox or games crashing in the past so I quickly rebooted it using the front power switch (the console was completly unresponsive). When I switched it back on I was greeted with the following image


Thankfully Microsoft have an extended warranty policy for these problems (generally refered to as a “general hardware failure”), so I’m able to send it off for repair, however the repairs are completed in Germany so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the console back in time for Christmas so that I can play Left 4 Dead¬†(even if it is a present from me to me)…

Xbox 360 Review

Xbox 360 ConsoleI’ve recently decided to join the growing online gaming world, and purchased an Xbox 360 Premium console (it was second hand, but less than a year old, so I managed to save a considerable amount). The console itself it well designed, it looks sleek, and runs very quietly, although it does get quite hot which could be a problem if you’re playing for a long time.

The premium pack comes with quite a few accessories:

The seller also threw in a free universal remote control, which is used to control the DVD player, and access media content on the local network.

The console setup went relatively smoothly, there’s a switch on the back of the AV cable that changes between the analogue and HD component input, which I had to find (the previous owner was running it on HD, and I’m still on analogue). The network setup went through OK, with the console picking up the relevant details from the DHCP server.

The Xbox live system uses a peer to peer system for online game play, rather than a centralised server architecture, which meant opening up a few ports on my router, before I could host games or conversations.

On the whole the experience that the Xbox 360 gives you is superb, it’s great to be able to play against friends online and chat to them when you’re either playing death-match or going through a game in co-op mode. The graphics are excellent, even on a standard definition TV (they must be outstanding on a HD TV). I’ll post some reviews of games and some other bits in a few weeks when I’ve had more time to play with it.

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